Saint Cyprian San Cipriano

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Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop often called the African Pope, was an important Patristic writer of the early Church. His writings can be found in most patristic books including Jurgens, Vol. 1 pg. 216. AD258 One of the early writers of the Primacy of the Pope as stated in :The Unity of the Catholic Church”. A very important writer which shows that the Protestant view that the Chair of Peter was a later invention, is false.


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Saint Cyprian was bishop of Carthage and a notable Early Christian writer of Berber descent, many of whose Latin works are extant. He was born around the beginning of the 3rd century in North Africa, perhaps at Carthage, where he received a classical education. Soon after converting to Christianity, he became a bishop in 249. A controversial figure during his lifetime, his strong pastoral skills, firm conduct during the Novatianist heresy and outbreak of the plague, and eventual martyrdom at Carthage vindicated his reputation and proved his sanctity in the eyes of the Church. His skillful Latin rhetoric led to his being considered the pre-eminent Latin writer of Western Christianity until Jerome and Augustine The Plague of Cyprian is named after him, owing to his description of it.

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