LG2061-9 9″ Great Power of God Gran Poder de Dios

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Item No.: LG2061-9

Size: 9 Inches

Case: 8pcs/case

The Great Power of God , is an image of thinking Jesus Christ found in the city of Puerto de la Cruz ( Tenerife , Canary Islands , Spain ). The image is in the Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France . His brotherhood is the Brotherhood of the Great Power of God.


It is known that the image arrived at Puerto de la Cruz at the end of the 17th century , brought from Seville by the artillery captain Pedro Martínez Francisco, a native of Las Breñas ( La Palma ). Originally the destination of the image was precisely the island of La Palma, the tradition ensures that by neglect of the ship’s shipping agents was landed in Tenerife .

The palmeros claimed in time the return of Santo Cristo, and the three times that wanted to be sent the image to that island had to suspend the operation of their boarding because of the unexpected galernas produced in the Port at the time of going to embark. The reiteration of such rare atmospheric and maritime alterations every time that embarking on the image was treated, were taken by the believers of the town to the displeasure of Santo Cristo to be removed from this island, and thus believing it also the owners of the boats, they refused, together with the sailors, the order to embark it again. Then a magnificent altarpiece was built in the Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France, in which the neighborhood began to worship him.

In July of 2011 , the Great Power God was named Honorary Mayor and Perpetuo city and municipality of Puerto de la Cruz, receiving the baton of the city. This honor was also granted to the image of the Virgin of Carmen , venerated in the same temple.

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