LG2060-12 12″ Joan of Arc Juana de Arco

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According to the data gathered in the process of Rouen , Juana always called herself “Juana la Maiden”. However, as she herself commented, “inside my town I was called Jehannette. In France, my name was Jehanne since my arrival. “

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Joan of Arc (in French : Jeanne d’Arc), also known as St. Joan of Arc or the Maid of Orleans (French: La Pucelle d’Orléans ; Domremy , 1412 – Ruan , 30 of maypole of 1431 ), 3 was a young French peasant who led the French Army in the Hundred Years’ War against England, making Charles VII of Valois crowned King of France . Later it was captured by the Burgundians and given to the English . Theclerics condemned her for heresy and Duke John of Bedford burned her alive in Rouen , on May 30 , 1431 , although she was later rehabilitated and canonized as Saint Joan of Arc. His feast is commemorated on the anniversary of his death, on May 30 , as is the tradition in the Catholic Church .

Born in Domrémy , a small town located in the department of the Vosges in the region of Lorraine , France , and with 17 years headed the French Royal Army. He convinced King Charles VII to expel the English from France , and this gave him authority over his army at the siege of Orleans , the Battle of Patay and other clashes in 1429 and 1430 . These campaigns revitalized the faction of Charles VII during the Hundred Years War and allowed the coronation of the monarch.

As a reward, the king exempted Domrémy from the annual crown tax. This law remained in force for approximately one hundred years.

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